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This is my cousin Chrissy and her beautiful family!  (I also photographer her sister Gena in this session) When two athletic people have kids, watch out! Those kids can move! I’m thinking I burned off breakfast during this session and it was fun! These brothers are full of life and love! While the youngest, Frank, […]


October 23, 2020

Sweet Family of Mine 2

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Last weekend I drove to Whitehouse, Ohio to photograph both of my cousin’s (Gena and Chrissy’s) families.  These women are the closest thing I have to sisters.  Our mom’s are sisters and have always been very intentional about all of us spending time together.  What a blessing these relationships are. The morning started out dark, […]


October 22, 2020

Sweet Family of Mine

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On the edge of Lake Erie we took in the vast views and listened to the waters lap up on the sandy beach.  While the sun was still high, we found cover under the beautiful oak trees where the light was only allowed trickle in talking all things motherhood.  As the sun started to soften […]


October 17, 2020

Beachy Bump Session

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This sweet family just added a new member to their tribe!  She was so alert and well aware that someone new was around! It was so fun to catch up with  Mom and Dad while the twins played in the glowing light. At the end I showed the twins how to chase the light as […]


October 15, 2020

A meandering path + chasing the light

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Warm temperatures and beautiful fall foliage!  The sun was just starting to dip behind the tall evergreens but we made the most of the last splashes of light.  Photographing these little active kiddos we moved around the community garden finding little nooks where there was a warm glow, tall grasses and climbable trees!


October 14, 2020

Beautiful community garden session!

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The Mick family slipped off their shoes and tested the water.  We made our way from the sandy edge down to the rocky river bottom where cool water quickly engulfed our feet.  The light was soft and filled the creek below but only where the trees allowed so we hiked up toward a generous opening […]


October 1, 2020

Creeks and Crawfish

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Apple picking season is in full swing at Bauman Orchards! Walking past rows of apples, noticing how each type of apple tree had an unexpectedly unique shape.  Each labeled row provided a stunning endless view of green and what seemed like a lifetime supply of apples.  Baskets in hand, I guided the Nesbitt family past […]


September 24, 2020

Endless Green Views + a Lifetime Supply of Apples

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We sang happy birthday in discord as she looked around at the familiar faces.  Unsure what to do next, both of her big sisters leaned forward to help blow out the flickering flame on her lowly gold candle.  Staring wide-eyed at the perfectly sculpted cupcake set in front of her, one of her big sisters […]


August 28, 2020

Our little cutie is one!

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It was a cool summer day in June but that didn’t stop this session from being dreamy!  A winding creek, grazing horses, green pastures.  This session was literally a welcomed breath of fresh air amid the pandemic.  Congratulations to our friends Callie and Steve on their beautiful baby girl!


July 23, 2020

A dreamy country session!

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Don’t freak out, but Mother’s day is almost a week away! Here are a few photographer-mom favorites for every budget!  Meurel (2nd generation) – A large digital canvas for your wall!  Truly a unique gift that makes a statement in your home. Cost: $345 – $699 (depending on size, frame, & generation) Reasons it’s a […]


May 2, 2020

A photographer’s gift guide for Mother’s Day

Baby Charlie looking shocked!

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